Thursday, August 18, 2011

Gull Island Trip, July 2011

It's a month after I took this trip, but here is the recap finally!
The Tustumena, the ferry

I decided to take this trip by myself, which I was not too concerned about. When I am shooting, other people are a distraction to me. It would have been fun to have another person there to chat with, but it was fine. I hadn't counted on the boat being as tiny as it was, nor the other "exciting" things that happened!
Land's End Resort
First of all, we were waiting for a party of 8. The party made us late, and only 5 of the people showed up after making the rest of wait. They ended up being grumpy, hardly participating at all, and 3 of them never got up from their seats, preferring to play on their phones instead!
A view out my window of the waves crashing along the boat!
In the stress of getting the latecomers on, the deckhand helping out (who I knew) fell into the harbor, and so we had a different deckhand on board than was planned! 30 minutes after we were supposed to get started, we finally left the harbor!
Cormorants and a gull at 60 Foot Rock
I could tell as soon as we got out of the harbor that it was a bit choppy out in the Bay. Sure enough, there had been a storm in the Gulf of Alaska 3 days before, and it was just making its way into the Bay. So, a small boat + big waves = unsteady shooting conditions. We made our way to 60 Foot Rock first, where we came across the only sea otter I managed to get some photos of.
We departed and headed into Sadie Cove for a while. It was much calmer in there, but much less that I was interested in shooting. We spent a good deal of time in the Cove, stopping for 3 bald eagles way up in the trees and on the cliffs.
Sadie Cove
It's always gorgeous across the Bay.
After a while, we finally made our way to Gull Island and all the birds to be found there: Gulls, puffins, cormorants and murres.
Poot's Peak and the beautiful greenish ocean water
Birds everywhere.
Waves crashing onto the rocks created a temporary waterfall!

Love the color of the water!
End of the Spit from Gull Island
Homer hillside
 After what I considered too little time at Gull Island, we turned back toward the Spit for our return journey!
Back in the harbor!
I'm pleased with the photos I ended up with, and the trip was definitely memorable!