Monday, August 15, 2011

Goat on Steps

There are days when I see the most random things, and am so happy that I already have my camera out and ready to go. Hello, random goat!

I had an adventure a couple weeks back, that I really don't want to repeat! I went up the road to go shopping with a friend and her two daughters (3 and 1). I have made several trips with them in the past and knew I would be on partial babysitting duty. We took my friend's truck, and everything was fine until we were ready to leave town about 3:45pm. Someone let us know that both of the brake lights were out! Cue frustration, and confused children. We spent an hour at Napa, where various people looked at the truck and tried different things, only to rule out most of what could be wrong.

Thank goodness for portable DVD players! The kids were fine for the most part, and so at 5pm, we decided that we had to head home, lights or no lights. The kids fell asleep on the way, but we had one more stop to make 40 miles from home. Everything was fine until we were about to leave there, when the gear shifter refused to work. We finally got it to cooperate (turns out it is related to the brake light problem!) but not before the baby started to wail. She proceeded to scream and cry for the next 20 miles.

It was such a relief to get back into town, but when we pulled in next to my car....I had a flat tire! It was quite amusing in the end, but not so much at the time!