Saturday, August 6, 2011


One thing I really miss about living at home is living with cats. I really miss my three, but C is allergic, so we likely will not have a cat anytime soon. I was thrilled when our neighbor's cat came to my beckoning. Our neighbor talked a bit about the kitty, and then went inside his house.
Meet Clyde. An incredibly needy kitty! I thought it was cute how he circled around me as I tried to take his photo.
Obviously, he wants attention.
He's quite an attractive kitty. All black, and then he has a white patch on his belly.
Little did we know that our affectionate attention would be a problem later.
We went inside after a few more cuddles, and Clyde proceeded to wander around outside, meowing.
He then perched on our porch railing, staring inside at us and meowing. I saw him off and on the rest of the evening. The next morning, he was still hanging around. Since then, he has not been "stalking" us anymore, but it sure was weird for about 24 hours!