Monday, March 14, 2011

Long Exposures at the Beach

If you hadn't noticed, I love long exposures and the waves. This particular day, the waves were huge again, and the patterns left were quite interesting.
So ethereal :)

February Photo Times
I am already a couple weeks late for this, but here is the recap of the time I spent shooting and editing in the month of February! January comparison here!
  1. Shooting: 11 hours and 107.2 miles. Went shooting 16 times, but several of those were duds of sunsets.
  2. Picasa: 5.25 hours
  3. Photoshop: 28.5 hours
  4. Fireworks: 3.75 hours. Spent more time in Fireworks this month, but that was the only one that was ahead of January. Could be accounted for in the shorter month, maybe.
Total editing time: 37.5 hours
Total time: 48.5 hours

So there you have it!