Tuesday, March 1, 2011


During our big snowfall at the beginning of February, I made a snowman! C thought I was silly for it, but I haven't made one in years!
He has pushki sticks for arms and my Christmas wreath for a hat!
Yep, I'm a nerd!
It was such fun to make a snowman. Would have been more fun to make it a lot bigger and with someone else, but it was fun for a bit anyway!

I caught the local cold a week ago. A week previously, I'd been sure that I had fought it off, and was quite pleased with myself. Then C came down with it, and I was again sure that I had evaded it like a pro. Just as C got over it, then I caught it. It wasn't too bad, but over this past weekend, I was miserable. I missed several things I really wanted to be involved in, which was the worst part. Today, I am feeling pretty close to 100% again, which is wonderful.

Health can change so quickly, that I try to be thankful often for how healthy I usually am!