Friday, March 11, 2011

Northern Lights 3-9

The aurora was out again on March 9th! I saw a faint glow at 10:15, and sure enough it was out. This one was taken at 11:30. It got stronger and stronger, and then it just exploded.
It started visibly dancing. I have seen one other display better than this, but this one was pretty awesome.
So amazing.
I should have driven away from home, but it's a long story :) Last night, the lights were out again, and I saw them at about 9pm. I was surprised to see them that early, but decided to wait. They died down and were not very spectacular at all =/ I had plans to leave and everything. I was also concerned over the slight chance of us having a tsunami, so that plus getting updates on the quake in Japan took precedence. Maybe tonight?!