Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Tunia's my girl. It took her a year or two, but now she seems to have claimed Dad as her human. I lost my status apparently :)
She is OB's sister, and is also turning 7 this summer.
She is the smartest of the bunch and does not get into cat fights. No battle scars! But she is the huntress of the 3, constantly bringing us wild gifts...
My pretty girl :)

Yesterday started my spring break officially. I had a great day! It is so nice to not have to think about school for a few days. Quite freeing! I ran a whole bunch of errands, including renewing my driver's license. I now officially have the "adult" license. My old one said "Under 21 until ___" and was vertical in design. This one is horizontal and says nothing about my drinking status!

They made me take an eye test, and everyone in there around the same time renewing their license had to do the same. Looks like I need to go to the eye doctor! I've been needing to, but it looks like my eyes have gotten worse.

I went to the thrift store and came home with a ton of books. I don't need more books to read!! I also came home with 7 Corelle small plates. I had been eyeing them a couple weeks back, but they wanted $1.50 each for them, and I wasn't willing to pay that. They were in great condition, but still, I passed them by. They were still there!! I guess no one else wanted to pay that price either. I took them up to the front, and the lady threw a fit at the price and went down to 50 cents each! Score!

I then went for a quick walk on the beach with a friend I have not seen since December. It was a beautiful day yesterday. 40 degrees!! And not breezy. It was still cold enough that our noses were running, but it was well worth it. It feels like spring, but it is most definitely not! I am waiting for the next March blizzard!