Monday, December 27, 2010

Nutcracker 2010

I love the Nutcracker, but not enough to go every year. Our community does a phenomenal production, and I got to go this year, and it was wonderful! I knew several of the girls from youth group, so that made it more special!
Excuse the heads in the foreground! I took these with my point and shoot from far up in the theater.
When the Big Dipper popped up, everyone cheered and someone yelled out, "Alaska Pride!"
The giraffe was a new addition this year, and it was really fun!
All of the wonderful cast!

I went to the show with C's grandma, and it was a blast to go with her! Unfortunately, after the show, she managed to lose her keys! We searched the theater, the snow, the car, and everywhere else she had been, but still managed to miss them! We ended up walking to my in laws' house, and thankfully it was a warm evening! More adventure than we bargained for, but memorable!