Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Eve Recap

Today is a warm 23F! Warmest in about 2 weeks! We were down to 2 degrees at Christmas. There is soft, powdery snow falling outside as well.

I guess I could share some photos from Christmas!
C's family celebrates on Christmas Eve. Turns out that 3 of the family members had caught the 24 hour stomach flu bug, and the 11 year old currently had it. We decided to do Christmas anyway, which was a bummer for him! He alternated between the bathroom and the couch, and gave up halfway through opening his presents to sleep.

We attended with a bit of trepidation over not wanting the germs, but so far we have escaped unscathed!
The best part of the night was these sunglasses one of my niece's received. Everyone ended up putting them on for a photo, which was fun!
I documented with shutter clicks and C documented with video :)
My mother in law got all of the girls snow globes that light up! Mine happens to have my name on it!

Tomorrow I plan to post the Christmas day photos :)