Friday, December 31, 2010

Day After Christmas Recap

Last one! See my Christmas Eve and Christmas Day posts if you need to catch up :)

Since it was Sunday, C was finally able to come to church with me! We had a fun morning hanging out with my in laws, and then we went out to lunch with my parents. They came over to my house and we exchanged gifts there and ate zucchini bread.
My brother's wife put together a movie watching kit basically: popcorn bowl, popcorn, and a rental store movie pass! They got us one last year too, and it has been perfect! We don't watch a lot of movies, but it's been really nice to have!
Chocolate for my dad.
Snowman chocolate from my brother!
My sister in law put together a gingerbread cookie mix with the recipe, a wooden spoon and an oven mitt! It will be fun to make them!
Are you sensing that the snowman was fun? Yes, it was!

Thanks for tolerating the 3 days of photos :)