Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Day Recap

Yesterday I covered Christmas Eve. This is Christmas Day.
C loves Werther's candy. A lot. He was pleasantly surprised to find them in his stocking!
C surprised me with a Brandon Sanderson book! I have not read any of this work, (except for WOT) and have really been curious about it. Excited to start this one!
We like to write each other silly messages on our gifts. C is much more clever than I am.
A neutral density filter for my new lens!! Yay! I have used it already and it is wonderful :)
Then it was back to the in laws! C is being the paper boy at his mother's request :P
Me being paper girl so he can take my photo :)
C's mom loves to stuff the stockings full of cheap candy :P
We played Disney Apples to Apples! I got my hands on a Little Mermaid card :)

Stay tuned for tomorrow! Then we have the Day After Christmas festivities! That's right, my Christmas lasted 3 whole days this year!