Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Beluga Lake Lodge Review

I grew up with some amazing girls in my hometown. We did everything together. C grew up with some fun guys, and they did everything together too. Somehow, our paths all crossed in high school and we started dating each other. C and I were the only couple that stayed together, and unfortunately, we all started to drift apart a bit. But every once in a while, we all get together and it is great! We had a triple date last week, and went somewhere I had never been, but heard great things about: Beluga Lake Lodge.
Festive table decorations
The burgers are enormous. C and I split a Malibu chicken sandwich, with humongous, but delicious Jo Jos. It was a wonderful sandwich!
Festive caribou...
The appetizer menu: We got the Cajun Southwest Egg rolls. They were amazing! The dip was a bit spicy, but man, I would definitely get them again!
The sandwich menu. We got the #12.

All in all, we definitely plan on going back!