Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Cafe Cups Review

Along the same vein as yesterday's post, the next evening my two girls and I went out for a girl's night out. We ended up at Cafe Cups. I've only ever been there one other time.
Pale Alaskan legs!
Two of us got this salad with a garlic dressing. Unfortunately, it was incredibly potent, and we both kept coughing on the strong garlic flavor. It was alright, but not incredible.
The last time I went, I got an entire cornish game hen. It was really good. Unfortunately, it was no longer on the menu. I got the special of the night, a tenderloin pork with potatoes and squash. I loved the veggies, but the pork wasn't 100% the way I wanted it. A little too chewy, but still good. A bit spicy as well.
All was forgiven when we shared eggnog creme brulee! Oh my, this was incredible!

Cups is a bit on the pricey side, and I'm not sure I will go back anytime soon, unfortunately.