Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Towers of Midnight

I have been a fan of Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series since high school. I started the series and got to book 8 and couldn't get through it. Despite stopping, I was saddened to hear that Robert Jordan passed away a few years back. Brandon Sanderson was given the mantel to continue the series, and after C read The Gathering Storm last year, and raved over how the story suddenly became incredible, I decided it was time to jump back on the bandwagon. It took me about 2 months this spring to read all 12 books, but I did it. I was blown away by TGS. It tied up so many loose ends and it had a couple epic plot lines that blew C and I both away. Apparently we weren't alone, as the internet is aflutter with praise.

I hadn't realized there was such a huge internet presence for WoT. I soon discovered forums full of theories of unsolved mysteries...I started following Brandon on Twitter, and was won over by his great personality, and comments about writing the next book. I have been eagerly awaiting Towers of Midnight and it came out last week. I got my hands on it Sunday afternoon and had finished it Monday night, all 850 pages of it.

I think I liked TGS a bit more, but this one was still amazing. There were some crazy plot twists, and also some expected ones, especially since I had been following the theories of what was likely to come. I am tempted to reread the entire series again right now, but I am going to wait a while. There is one more book to come, but unfortunately, we are likely waiting until Spring 2012 for it. Good things take time, and Brandon has a ton of material that Robert Jordan left for him to sift through.

If you are interested, start with The Eye of the World. If you are a quick reader, you might want to wait a while, since you won't be able to finish the series for a while!