Monday, November 1, 2010

As soon as it started snowing here, I started itching to drag out the Christmas decorations. Now that it is officially November, I really want to. But I won't. I put them up just before Thanksgiving last year, and I was definitely tired of them by the time Christmas came around. As much as I love Christmas and decorating for it, I am trying to resist. I suppose I should focus that energy on coming up with present ideas.

Yesterday was quite chilly. 30ish degrees and incredibly windy. It started blowing snow for a while. I was afraid we would lose power, but it did not happen. Today, however, has dawned partly cloudy. I can at least see the sun, so that helps.

I spent my weekend (well, Thurs - Sunday) having a Star Wars marathon. I had never watched all 6 movies right in a row before. In fact, I'd only ever watched Episode III in theaters once and never watched it again. Several months back I bought the original trilogy used on DVD. As I watched them, I kept realizing there were some different scenes, dialogue, etc. Turns out, that's the result of the 2004 remastered versions. I was not crazy, but sure thought I was! Most of the changes seemed ok to me, but the ending of Episode VI was uncalled for!! Here is the original ending, and here is the new. Ugh, if Hayden didn't look so creepy here it might be a bit better! But anyway, I'm glad that I watched them all together. I've been wanting to for several months.

We don't do anything for Halloween, usually. The church has a carnival that we helped out with last year, but we really don't find it to be our thing. Thankfully, our apartment is out of the way, so we turn off the light and no one knows we are there. I plan to go out today and go in search of on sale Halloween candy :)

We attended a surprise birthday party Friday night that was a lot of fun. I helped set up for it Friday afternoon with a bunch of high school girls, which made it way chaotic, but still fun.
 The birthday boy's wife is extremely gifted in cake decorating and this was no exception....he loves pizza and Pepsi, so she made a cake, with fondant made to look like a pizza! The Pepsi can is an actual can that she put fondant around. It was delicious cake as well :)