Wednesday, November 24, 2010


C and I had been hearing about a grocery store an hour and a half up the road that had incredible prices on meat. We kept meaning to check it out and always managed to forget about it. On our way back from Chicago, we stopped. And were amazed. We quickly filled up our cooler with 99 cent hot dog packages and had to get a box from the store to fill with ice. We got an 8 pound chunk of beef for $17. We cut it up into thin strips and bagged and froze them. Now we have thin steaks at a fraction of the cost. We also got some ground sausage and ground beef. We discovered that flattening out meat is an incredible way to stack in the freezer! The pile on the left has the sausage on top and the ground beef on the bottom. On the right, is all the steak. It was definitely a worthy haul!