Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Canon 17-40L

After long amounts of saving, I purchased the Canon 17-40L lens! I am proud to have my first piece of L glass!
It is my first lens to have the Ultrasonic Motor, so it auto focuses incredibly quietly. I love it, but it sometimes is hard to tell through the viewfinder if it actually focused!
I bought a B+W UV filter for it, since it makes no sense to have cheap filters on an expensive lens. Yep, this a $100 piece of glass! The cost, unfortunately means that I have to save up a bit more before I can get some neutral density filters, so long exposure shots are going to have to wait a bit.
My new baby. I have not noticed an incredible difference in image quality, but it is sharper, for sure!
The lens hood on this puppy is huge!! The 50mm lens is swimming in it!
What fun! My 18-55 lens has terrible bokeh (blurred background) but this one is beautiful, for a wide angle!

I am really happy to have this lens. It's amazing (but silly) how much more professional I feel with the red ring on my camera. It feels like I am already gaining respect for it :P