Friday, February 26, 2010

Wheel of Time

I finished the last Wheel of Time book, The Gathering Storm, this week.

I started reading WoT in the summer of 2004 and devoured the books. When school started again, I started the 8th book and started slowing down. The series got a bit bogged down in book 7. I stopped about halfway through book 8 and never picked it up again.

Robert Jordan passed away in 2007 without finishing the series! But, it continued. Brandon Sanderson took over the job and is doing very admirably. C got his hands on the 12th book a few months back. He is not a very quick reader, but he finished the huge book really quickly. He raved about how good the series was getting and how quickly it was moving.

Well. I decided, just before Christmas, to reread the series. This time, I started off with the prequel, New Spring and read as many of the books as I could before Christmas break was finished. C reborrowed the 12th book again for me. Despite school starting, I continued reading.

Last weekend I started TGS and finished it Tuesday morning. Boy, it was a good ending. A cliffhanger, I guess, but a really good ending to this book.

Now I have to wait until this fall for book 13 and then another year for the final book!!

But, the series has gotten incredibly good and complex. I started reading a fan site and ran across a whole bunch of theories on what will happen in the next 2 books. Tying up loose ends and all kinds of crazy stuff. The past few days have passed with C and I theorizing together, and getting more and more intrigued.

Anyone else read the series? If not, I highly encourage you to. It's a great fantasy series!
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