Friday, February 12, 2010


Valentines Day 2007
Are C and I one of the only couples that isn't getting anything for Valentine's this year?

Let me explain.

My poor husband does not think in gifts. Sometimes he brings me flowers he sees outside, and he is more of a "just because" giver. Christmas gifts for me are like pulling teeth. So are birthdays. I have given up trying to be surprised, and instead set him loose on my Amazon wishlist each year now. It's also hard because each month after Christmas has an "event": January - C's birthday. February - Valentines. March - My birthday. April - our anniversary. All of the big things, one after the other.

Growing up, my mom always made sure I went to school with some surprise in my backpack. A stuffed animal, candy, whatever, it was always fun. I think when I first got into a relationship, I assumed Vday would be some incredible day or something. It's not.

I would love to get chocolate or candy, but since I work in a candy store...the novelty of it is not there.

Fine jewelry? I don't need it, and there is very little chance he would pick something without my approval.

He hates stuffed animals (thinking they are a waste of space) and therefore will not get me one.

Meanwhile, there is nothing I can get for him. He does not appreciate chocolate. Could care less. Candy as well. Maybe we'll end up with a bouquet of flowers from one of us to the other! Seeing the amount some people spend on a Valentine's gift sickens me.

But one thing that can always be counted on: I will want to dress up and go out to eat. And C is usually amiable to that idea with little to no prodding.

So, come Sunday night, we'll be out on the town, dressed in semi-formal attire, eating a delicious meal, and stopping somewhere for a photo shoot. And I won't be whining over not getting a humongous paper heart box filled to the brim with chocolate. I'd take spending time with him over any gift he could give me!