Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Last Week in January

Boy, what an inspirational title :) Saturday morning saw a temperature of -6F at 9am. My car protested in starting that morning. The sunrise was pretty, but I wasn't about to freeze my fingers off at the beach for it!

Sunday we were above zero again, but it was still chilly. Yesterday, we were suddenly at around 20F again! It's amazing how warm that actually feels after weeks of hovering around 10F or below!
 Last week, you may have heard about the northern lights and how brilliant they were here. We struck out down here =/ Friday the 20th, I knew they could be out, so I took some shots from my house. Lights were showing up on the camera, but not to the naked eye, unfortunately. I heard later that an hour north, they did see them that evening. Saturday, the next evening, the Fairbanks area had an incredible display (Susan's blog post...a beautiful video)....but it was cloudy here. Tuesday, my mom's birthday, it was beautiful and clear in my hometown, and cloudy at our house. I was bummed that I missed the action, but it was also cold enough out that it might not have been very enjoyable! I'm hoping we get some more great light action soon and that I am able to view it!