Monday, January 9, 2012

Christmas 2011

Pumpkin roll from friends!

I worked Christmas Eve morning and was  allowed to come home at 2 to ready my house after the jury duty debacle :)

We went to my in laws' house around 5:30.

Family members trickled in for a couple hours...

I don't know what time we finally started dinner, but it was past 8.

One brother missing for the holidays = Skyping and letting him into the festivities from afar

One of the nieces was born on Christmas Eve, so we always have a small birthday party for her before we start "Christmas".

Obnoxious Monkeys

We finally started opening presents at 10:30. The "highlight" was my father in law got each of the kids a sling shot in the shape of a monkey. When it flies, it makes this obnoxious scream. So we had these flying monkeys screaming all night. It was funny, but now we have two at our house....

Soup mug

We finished opening presents at 12:30 (typical for these gatherings...)

That would be me :)

I started to droop after presents since I woke up early for work.

Mud Pie Time

Tradition is for mud pie, so we had to have that before going home :) We finally left at 2:30am, and went to bed after 3...

"Bears Love People..They Taste Like Chicken"

Christmas morning, we got up at 9:30 to go to church with my parents.

I have several ideas for this :)

After church, we went out to lunch at the only place open in town. Neither Mom nor I wanted to cook, so we made it easy. I hate patronizing places on holidays, but the staff was there already, and they were actually busy.


We went back to our house and opened presents with my parents.

We ate some pie and pumpkin roll and had a nice time.

My mom got me this silly kleenex box cover so that I finally "have a cat". I love it :)

I forced everyone to go outside with me so we could take some nice portraits outside. I really like how they turned out :)

My parents stayed till 6 or so, and then we had some downtime. The usual tradition is to go back to my in laws, but we were not too keen on the idea, just from exhaustion. Several of them came over around 8:30 instead! They stayed for a couple hours, and then we started winding down for the night. It was a nice Christmas :)