Friday, January 27, 2012

C's Birthday

Wednesday, we woke up to more snow that we had to shovel. I am officially tired of snow this winter, and we are nowhere near done yet! And it is also nowhere near what Valdez and Cordova have had, which I am thankful for! It was 1F when we were shoveling, and we had a wind chill down to -22F! It didn't feel nearly that cold, though, so that was nice.
We had a winter weather advisory that day, and there was nothing I needed to take care of that day, so we just stayed home while the wind and snow blew around. Youth group was cancelled halfway through the day due to the weather, which was nice. We stayed in and watched Star Trek.
Thursday morning was C's birthday! We had even more snow, so we had to shovel the driveway again. What a birthday treat!
C had a lazy afternoon, working on projects. For dinner, we left home in the midst of the snow storm that was still going on. We went out for pizza with friends, and I was a bit concerned that we might not make it! A white out most of the way was not fun.
We had a nice dinner, with leftovers to bring home, and lots of new snow in the hour and a half or so we'd been dining!
C had a nice day, so that was good. We both had three days off together this week, so it was a fun extended weekend for it!