Thursday, January 5, 2012


Alrighty! I am back, along with some big changes. I have moved the blog and my entire website over to Wordpress. I started working on the process in June, actually, and dropped it when I became busier. I tackled it some before Christmas, and then life became overwhelming again! I finally had some time this week, and I think I have completed the process.

So, the RSS feeds should be fine, and if you are subscribed via those or email, nothing should have changed. I do apologize for the wacko things that have been going on with the feeds lately. Hopefully it is resolved! BUT, if you are linked to my blog, I suggest that you update your link to . The website address itself has not changed, just the blog address.

I hope to start posting regularly again. I'll explain my recent absences soon :)

Regarding the eclipse image, the lunar eclipse in December started in the middle of the night for us. It ended around 8am or so. I took this image at 7:37am from my porch. I had work that morning, so I couldn't stay up late, or get up much earlier to check it out.