Friday, January 13, 2012

Bathroom Painting Round 1

It occurred to me as I was pondering this post that I never did a house tour! Although, it has been a work in progress since we moved in, really, so I suppose it's not such a bad thing. There are still a couple projects that need to happen to the interior before I am completely happy with it, but I plan to give a very in depth tour very soon :)

That being said, we started painting our bathroom at the beginning of November, and stopped. I got sick and did not want to be breathing in fumes, and them C caught it, so I forbid painting, and we never continued...

I edited the photos almost immediately, and uploaded them to Facebook last week to get them out of my 2011 queue :) I'll do a bathroom post later, and when we are done, a before and after post, but for now, you get pics of C painting and me hamming it up!!