Monday, June 20, 2011

Mt. Redoubt Steaming 3

I received word from a friend that Mt. Redoubt was steaming on the 12th. I was immediately interested, but decided to wait until sunset time to see if it was still visible. The tip of the volcano was obscured the whole time I was out, but the sunset just kept getting better, and better.

I posted about a month ago that I rode my bike to work (or at least I thought I did, can't find the post at the moment). C has been riding his off and on since then, but my first trip and back was awfully rough. I am happy to report that I have biking for the past couple weeks and realized right off that my bike had been having problems with the gears. It impacted my ride to and from greatly that first time and I feel rather silly about it now. It's been fun to ride to work and back, because it really does not take too long, it's good exercise, it's fun, and it's a change of scenery and pace from driving. OH and it saves gas. (We are at $4.39 right now, what about you?)

I'm happy that I get to ride right now, just bummed that it won't get to last more than a few months before winter sets in yet again. I plan to take advantage of it as much as possible!