Sunday, June 12, 2011

March, April & May Photo Times

I have been really, really bad in posting these updates, but I have been very good at tracking my times and mileage!

March saw the decline of my shooting as the days got longer and it became harder to get out and shoot. I drove 66.6 miles and went shooting 10 times.

April started off strong, but then it was finals time, the days kept getting longer, and I moved! I ended up shooting only 6 times (32.9 miles).


May was much the same, though my commute to the beach was shortened immensely. I started working full time, and the sunset around 10pm put a big damper on going out for the sunsets. I went out a total of 5 times (22.4 miles).

Keep in mind, that I do not record the times I go outside my home to shoot, or events. Those often make up a significant portion of my editing times.