Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Crock Pot Upgrade

C and I use our crock pot fairly often. I like its concoctions more than he does, but I definitely love coming home to a ready made meal when I have planned ahead. The smaller crock pot was one we received when we got married, and we have used it faithfully. I don't know how many quarts it is, but it is pretty small. I was lamenting to my boss that I needed to buy a bigger one, and she was quick to offer a solution. She had two and we ended up trading\! The new one is a 6 quart, and I have not been able to fill it up yet!

Have any to die for recipes? I am always open to more!

Yesterday at work...
- Customer thought a puffin bird was a puffin fish...
 Yes, that looks like a fish to me!