Monday, April 30, 2012


So I figured out that I needed a day planner of some form. I managed to forget a ton of things I wouldn't usually ever forget - the house payment, the monthly budget, etc. I was a bit depressed by the fact that, it is nearly May and all day planners for 2012 are probably nonexistent........texted my boss and asked if she happened to have one lying around and I was in luck! I got my hands on it today and it is quite attractive and small enough that I could carry it around often. Tonight I realized that I scheduled two things to overlap next week. I normally would not have done something that dumb, but it's obvious I'm not thinking clearly right now. *sigh* So I immediately grabbed the planner and started writing in it. So hopefully I can make use of it and form a good habit to keep track of things!

I went aurora hunting the other night and before I came home, I was desperately in need of a bathroom break. I was parked along the side of the road, in the dark, in a grassy area. I contemplated several times going the Alaskan way and going outside (not the first time...can't grow up here and not have that experience!), but I resisted :P I was telling C about it later...

Me: "I almost peed outside. So I was almost an Alaskan."
C: "So if you aren't Alaskan, then what are you?"
Me: "...Canadian."
C: 'Oh, they don't pee in Canada?"

I hope that wasn't too awkward or idiotic, but I laughed pretty hard.

Yesterday, I said goodbye to my coworker who is moving. It was super short and not very sweet - literally a hug and "Bye!" and she was on her way. It was a bit sad for its brevity, but I realized how nice it was to not be tearing up and feeling sorry for myself! Later that day, we said goodbye to one of C's brothers. It evolved into a nice family evening and we ended up staying until 11:30pm. We had both ridden our bikes to work that day and so rode to the in laws' after work and just stayed. I ended up playing board games and chatting with my mother in law while C had a great conversation with a brother. Needless to say, when it became 11:30, we needed to get home so we could go to bed. We tossed around several ideas, but in the end, we decided to ride home in the dark. There was still a little bit of daylight above the trees, but not much. We did fine, riding under street lights until we got to our street. That was a bit spooky and I was concerned about moose, but it was uneventful. I don't plan on doing that again, but it was an adventure for sure!