Sunday, April 8, 2012

Anniversary Getaway Photos

As promised, here are some more nature oriented photos of our stay last week. Right after we got to our room, I was looking out the window when I saw this in the Bay. It went under several times, but I am pretty sure it is a sea lion. I've never seen one in the wild before, so I'd love some confirmation :)

It was huge!! I don't know how to convey just how big it was, but I took these photos from our room, which is quite a ways from the beach.

We were blessed with gorgeous blue skies!

End of the Spit :)

I love patterns in the sand by the waves!

This was the first time I had seen the memorial bench dedicated to Jean Keene "The Eagle Lady". Two articles in the local papers give more details :)

Detail on the plaque on the front.

At dinner, C made some comments about wanting a photo of the water glass because he could see the reflection of the mountains in the water....he tried, and I tried, and nothing turned out like we wanted....but I like this one anyway :P

It was a beautiful day for sailing on the Bay!

The moon that afternoon.

Sea otter from our balcony

Taken at 10:30 pm from our balcony :) The moon was so bright that night! I was attempting to take some star photos, but the moon was too bright on the side of the sky we were facing, so I settled for a moon shot!

It was a lovely time!