Sunday, April 15, 2012

Today's Happenings

Whew! I'm glad today is over :) I had a doozy of a day at work, and I'm glad it's over. Retail is simple concept in theory, but it is always more complicated in reality. I hate to leave the new employees alone, because inevitably, they will be asked some random question that's never been asked before, or just something outrageous will happen. But anyway, I'm glad I am done with today, since it was one of those days that just made me want to quit :)

In other news, we officially started riding our bikes to work this week. C has ridden the 4 days out of 5 so far, and I started Saturday morning. It felt good to be biking again, but boy can it be a work out sometimes! This morning's ride for me was twice as long because I was fighting a really strong wind the entire way! I'm looking forward to saving money on gas this summer :) Last summer, I was pleased to note that C didn't buy gas from June sometime until September sometime, because he rode to work nearly every day. I skipped gas one month, but I was also running to the beach and other places for photo ops, so that explains that. But it all helps :)

I'm finally over my cold, I think. It took me well over a week this time to kick the worst of it, but some of it hung on for the last 2 weeks. I think it's FINALLY gone. Happy to send it on its way!

We had beautiful sunshine most of this week, and it really helped get rid of a ton of snow. Feeling more and more like spring here everyday!