Thursday, January 21, 2010


I love having a flexible schedule right now so that I can drop everything to shoot the sunset if I want to. I had been praying for another incredible one. I was out shooting in the golden hour at about 4pm. I figured the sunset would be alright, but nothing spectacular. I left where I'd been shooting and ran to the bank quickly. When I pulled out, the sky was starting to fill up with color!

I drove to the beach and decided that maybe it would turn out pretty nice. The waves were crashing with so much fury tonight. It was not windy at all, but the waves were quite violent. I ended up retreating to my car after a bit from the cold, but I stayed and watched as the sunset got more and more vivid and vibrant.

It was just fantastic. I was quite amazed because it felt like the first vibrant sunset since the beginning of December. I have probably missed a couple, but it felt like when I was finally able to get out and shoot after being sick twice this month, God brought along a fantastic one. I love it.