Thursday, January 28, 2010

Loving Winter

Well, it's official that the days are getting longer!! We're gaining about 5 minutes a day now! Sunset is now at 5:13pm tomorrow (compared to about 4pm Dec. 21) The extra daylight is delightful! It's a long ways till May, but it always seems shorter when I realize how quickly longer days are coming.

I have been having a wonderful winter! I always dread the coming of winter and seem to usually be depressed until the signs of spring (in April...) start to show up. But, I have some theories about why I am in a splendid mood these days:
- A car that starts
- A ridiculously mild winter with little snow
- But most of all: Photography. I am actually outside so much more this winter. I shoot the sunset and sometimes the sunrise, and things in the middle of the day as well. I'm actually enjoying the sunsetting around 4pm because I can actually shoot the sunset while C is at work.
- Plus: The eagles have come back and there are moose everywhere - totally great subjects for me!

I know that I will dread winter coming this fall again, but I know that it will not be so bad. Photographic opportunities abound all year and it just takes persistence to find them!