Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Dream

I had this crazy dream about one of my brother in law's the other night. In the dream, he got one of his really close friends pregnant and they were going to get married. I told the girl I was excited about it because she would become a part of the family. She told me that I was the only person excited about it.

I woke up quite thoughtful and regretful. I'm pretty sure BIL won't end up with this girl, (of course anything is possible) but I wanted it in the dream.

I wasn't planning on telling him about it, but it came up in conversation tonight and I'm glad I told him. He had some ideas on the interpretation of it and stuff and I was quite intrigued. I always dream vivid dreams. And often enough I wake up and ponder them throughout the day. Maybe more of them have meaning to be gleaned than I thought? Anyways, I was happy that he got something out of it and that I made a good choice in letting him know about it :)