Thursday, November 5, 2009

Hubby Feeling Icky

The husband is ill.

Yesterday, he didn't get a very good night's sleep and woke up being sore. That's nothing new for him, so he thought nothing of it. We went to a friend's house and he started to get a headache, but he said nothing about it till we got home.

He walked in the door and immediately started shivering uncontrollably. He ended up laying on the couch for nearly 3 hours after that. And he had a fever.

He called in sick today. He is now coughing quite a bit. The Dr's office wasn't much help. He's to stay home from work until his fever has been gone 24 hours. They have been prescribing Tamiflu, but apparently there is none in town right now! Many people have H1N1 right now, so I'm sure that has depleted the supply.

C's feeling pretty good right now. I hope this does not get worse. And I don't want to get it either!