Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Apartment Changes

Here's the latest in our kitchen. All my original work now. I will continually be adding to it as I take more...unique shots, but I like the ..symmetry.. of it as it is right now.
We got this bookcase from my in laws last month or so. I have, of course, taken it over. It's barely more filled up since then. It's a great feeling to have a not full bookcase!
Bought an empty wreath last week. Filled in the empty spots with little fake things that were on sale. It's not done yet, as I'd like to get some more doodads, but I couldn't resist putting it out on our door! It's not like that many people see our door anyway!
This guy is a plastic bag holder. I got him from my work this summer and finally put him up today!
We got this painting from a local artist as a wedding gift. I have badgered C about putting it up for the past year and a half and I finally just did it myself!
I adore the colors in it so much!
Random painting I did my senior year of high school as an art project. No, we don't have a dog, but I needed something there! I'm not quite the painter as Sabrina is, but it was still fun. I finally attached a hook to it tonight and hung it on our bedroom wall.
Our lovely Kitchenaid mixer! Haven't used it yet, actually! I know, I know, what am I thinking?

Gradually, the walls are getting less and less bare here!