Friday, March 23, 2012

Snow Just Keeps Coming!

I had an excellent birthday! I haven't edited the photos yet, but it was great! When I finally get to them, I'll give a recap....hopefully it won't be too long from now!

Life has been busy in my neck of the woods. Seemed like last week was a whirlwind of appointments, and small stressors. I hung out with a friend for a scrapbooking date, and it was wonderful. She and I both had not scrapbooked since the last time we got together....around a year ago *wince*.

Winter continues to hang on here. The rest of the country seems to be having a wonderful spring, and temperatures way above normal, but we are having a typical winter here. I have not seen any official numbers for snowfall for the winter yet, but the local paper has gotten us a bit closer, and it is insane! My favorite part is the description of how the tallest snow berms may stick around until the end of JULY. We have had several nice, teasing days here, and the next day we get several more inches of snow. I'm tired of it, but not getting worked up over it like some locals. It is, of course, snowing today :)

The next couple weeks are set to be busy as well. We've got the local high school play to attend, a dinner with friends, C's little brother coming for a visit, and our 4th anniversary. And that's just what I am aware of today!

I hope you weekend is wonderful!