Thursday, March 1, 2012

February Happenings

C went on a work trip a couple weeks ago.....and this is all he brought with him for two days. I'm a bit jealous :)

He left bright and early the morning after Valentines. I wanted to celebrate, but I had to work that Tuesday, so we were going to go out the week before. I dressed up, and then it started to pour rain outside!

So we stayed home! We had some tasty food already and some sparkling cider, and our evening was complete :)

We had a nice evening. C had a nice trip, but I was glad when he was back home. February seemed to fly by, and was pretty busy overall for us. We have gained a lot of daylight now, and I am so thankful! I took a nice shopping trip up the road with my parents last week. I really needed to get out of town for my sanity!

Our gas price has gone up 35 cents in the past week, up to $4.50. What's yours? We have continued to get lots of snow. I was walking down our driveway yesterday, and we had around 4 inches of new snow, and it occurred to me that we have stopped caring about shoveling the snow now. We have had our quota and a measly 4 inches will just have to stay there and not be moved. I found it funny but also sad that we still have 2 or so months of winter yet and I am DONE clearing snow.

I went to see Big Miracle this week, and thought it was great. Go see it if you haven't!

I'm happy it is March! My birthday month, more daylight, one month closer to no snow!