Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Changes and the Weather

It's amazing how quickly life can change. My boss broke her leg Sunday evening, and I feel so bad for her. But, it has been fine, and it's not quite as panic worthy as it could have been. My coworker and I are able to step up and take over her duties. I am now working full time for the foreseeable future to cover her spot. It has messed up some other opportunities for me, but my current job takes priority and I am happy to meet the need. It has really been amazing to see how things are working out though - I could have gotten another job before this, but did not, etc. Unfortunately, life won't slow down for a while!

Spring miiiiight be on its way now. We have had several days in a row of above freezing temperatures, and the snow is thawing. It doesn't really seem too noticeable until you notice a bit of mud in your driveway (!!) or the snow berm blocking the view of the street is suddenly not as much of a hazard. Last night, I went to the store and it was raining. It was an odd feeling to me, as it has not rained in several months, and I found myself chilled by it, despite it being around 37F. The only really annoying thing about the clouds has been the lack of aurora viewing potential :(

Window frost at sunrise

This afternoon, it feels wonderful outside! It is cloudy and rainy, but 47F!!!! What a difference 15 degrees makes! The amount of daylight we have coming back makes me so happy as well!

Pheasant waddling on the high snow

Our gas price continues to climb. Last night, I noticed the local station is now up to $4.65 a gallon. *sigh* It wouldn't be so painful if our fuel oil didn't climb as well!

One of the neighborhood cats that loves to say hello

I love looking forward to spring. Summer is quickly approaching!