Wednesday, June 2, 2010

New Print Shop and Coupon

I like to believe that the third time is indeed the charm, sometimes. I have used two different services to print my images, and both had different problems. The second company I went with was decent, but the fee they charged for each print was astronomical.

I recently had some framed prints done by Mpix, after hearing many reviews of the quality and unbeatable prices. I was really impressed with them!

Mpix partners with Zenfolio to offer storefronts for photographers. I have eyed their service for the past year, but could not justify the cost. However, dealing with the past two companies annoyed me, so I finally decided to give them a shot.

As I said, I hope the third time is the charm! I redid my gallery and shop on my website, so they are one and the same, with over 50 images, many old, but many more that are new. So far I have been happy with the service, and I really think my problem from the beginning was going with unknown companies who did not take input to heart.

To celebrate my new service, I am offering a coupon code! I will likely offer these throughout the year, but this is the first one! This 15% off your order code can be entered in the checkout process on the website, and it expires next Wednesday, the 9th of June at 11:59 Alaska time. Go to my website, click on "Gallery & Prints", then decide on the image(s) you want. In the checkout box, enter the code exactly as: NEWSERVICE10

Zenfolio has a referral program, where by using my number, you get $5 off the service for yourself. (I get $5 for the referral as well) If you have been interested in trying out the service, I can definitely say that my first day using it has been great. My code is: DQ5-194-YJM

Feel free to share this post with your friends if they would be interested in the new prints I have put up!