Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Family In Town

This week, my dad's cousin and her husband drove into town for a visit. They have been on the road for over 30 days (!!) with an RV caravan touring Alaska. Many of my extended family I have met several times, but know little of. These cousins I know a liiiitle more than others. I've stayed at their home a couple times, and seen them a couple more times at reunions. Nice to have them in our territory, finally!

They are at the end of their tour, at the end of the road, haha, and they aren't sure what they will be doing next, whether staying or heading home.

Last night, they drove into town, and C and I met up with them and Mom and Dad for a late dinner of pizza. I didn't take any photos (shocker!) because I was counting on tonight.

They had glorious sunshine today and enjoyed it thoroughly, exploring the area with my parents all day. We met for an even later dinner tonight, at good ole, original Subway. While we were there, my nephew showed up, so we chatted with him (got to love small towns) and we enjoyed another dinner together. We said goodbye for now, but if they stick around town, we'll enjoy some more time with them, hopefully!