Thursday, February 2, 2012


Have I mentioned how obnoxious this winter has been?

Nearly every week since just before Christmas, we have had a snow storm. Some weeks we have had more than one. At first it was nice to have a white Christmas, and a couple inches didn't make much difference. C and I shoveled our driveway each time to ensure that we could still get in and out. Since our big blizzard at the beginning of January.....snow is no longer fun, and is more of an annoyance.

We got a bunch of snow last Wednesday and Thursday. We did all kinds of shoveling. Same with this week. This Wednesday, we had a nasty blizzard that left several inches. And then it started to rain.  Today, the snow came back and just kept coming. I was at work, watching the parking lot fill up to around 8 inches. I thankfully was able to get home, but the main town streets were awful. I made it up the driveway, and C and I shoveled all the new stuff again (after shoveling yesterday as well) I think we gained a foot in the past 24-36 hours. My body ached yesterday, and it hurts a bit more tonight =/ Good thing we're young :)

I want to build a big snow fort....but I am sick of moving the stuff around, and I believe we are supposed to get more, so I will resist the urge. If you hear angered screaming, it is probably me shaking my fist at the sky.