Friday, February 10, 2012

Attempted Beach Walk

The warmth has continued, and we have continued to see 40F this week.

Huge natural snow berms at the beach

I went to the beach with a friend on Tuesday, but it was a bittersweet trip. The beach was full of snow, and I mean FULL! The waves had created humongous natural snow berms. I have never seen the amount of snow on the beach like that day. It was crazy.

I call it a "sheet cake" of snow....another good size pile!

It was impossible to have a leisurely beach walk, as it was all snow, and soft snow is not easy to walk in. It didn't help that some of the piles were several feet high, resulting in sinking boots :)

My friend brought her new Vizsla puppy with her, and she is darling! Despite the awkward conditions on the beach, it was still fun :)