Monday, July 18, 2011

"Spotted" at Walmart

Terrible pun, I know. Clever use of a paint job!

I have been feeling increasingly worn out lately. My job's schedule fluctuates as the summer continues, so right now, I am in the worst part. I sometimes get off work after 8:30pm, and sometimes turn around to work at 9:30am. It does not leave much time to recuperate from the mental stresses.

We have also been working on our house all summer long, and I will share about that when it is closer to being finished, but suffice to say, any free time I take means something else, i.e. housework is left undone. I would much rather be shooting or reading a book over doing the dishes.

I came home from work last evening to find my husband doing work (along with my dad) outside, as it poured rain. C was drenched, and getting miserable. They finished up what they were doing and he requested hot cocoa. The rain stopped, but an hour or so later, I requested a cuddle session on the couch. It was so nice to just sit, calm down, and de-stress while discussing different things. These are the type of memories I look back on and know that I am rich in love and friendships.

I would have grabbed a cup of cocoa for myself, except by that hour, I knew it would keep me awake, so I refrained. It sure was tempting though!

I am feeling more prepared to tackle today's work day after last night's necessary calming down. Do you do anything in particular to process and then let your work day go, or to de-stress?