Monday, April 12, 2010

Monday Musings

Thursday and Friday were glorious sunny days here. But windy, so not exactly warm yet. Saturday was gloomy and yesterday we had rain and snow. Today is supposed to continue the trend of gloom. The sun has peaked out a bit, but I have not seen blue sky at all yet. I'd love to be out shooting sometime soon, and I suppose I should just go out and do it. The snow is melting rapidly, but winter is not over yet!

Last night, it was possible to have seen the northern lights this far south. Due to the cloudiness of yesterday, I was not sure if I could see anything though. My chances of seeing it after now are slim as more daylight arrives.

Isn't this bottle of orange jelly beans fun?
School is sort of wrapping up. I have another 4 weeks or so, but I finished reading two of my textbooks yesterday (getting ahead a bit!). It will be stressful to the end, most likely, but it's nice to have those two things out of the way already!

I found out that one of my favorite summer time restaurants is opening up this Friday. They have great burgers. But, what we LOVE are the milkshakes. My boss makes runs during the summer to get us shakes every so often. They are delicious. It's a tradition to eat there before the tourists show up in May. C and I went there one year the day they opened and it was a mistake. It took forever to get our food! All the high school kids were there on their lunch break, but were willing to sacrifice being late for class for it. We'll never go on opening day again, but maybe next Tuesday will be a little slower :)