Friday, December 18, 2009


I'm quite proud of myself for my grades this semester!

Computer Literacy - A - This one was a given. Brainless course.
Excel - B- - It ended up being hard towards the end!
Digital Photography - A - I'd be worried if I had anything else :)
History of Photography - A - Wasn't sure I'd pull off the A, but I did!

Income Tax - B- - I struggled all semester long with this class. I got D's on my exams, failed some quizzes (not hard to do when there are only 5 questions!) I calculated what my grade should have been and it appeared I could end up with a C-. I need a C- to keep the credit for my degree. I have no idea how I got bumped up to a B-...but I'm not questioning it! I was so excited!

Hopefully this will bump my GPA up again.